Now out in France - with more to follow!

We’ve recorded an English version of our song "Blumen im Glas" (from our PHANTOM SONG album) for the French movie "Rue Mandar" that hit theaters in France on January 23rd. HERE have a listen to Kiki singing "Flowers in a Glass" that also is on the movie soundtrack.

Cover Rue Mandar

And, what’s more... beginning of April a compilation of songs we've sung in French over the years called "17 HIPPIES chantent en français“ will be released by our French label Buda Musique. For 15 years we’ve now been playing all over France, and to be honest... we really like being your neighbors, friends, lovers and... tourists! And talking about friends: Fredo from the Ogres de Barback, Laulo Kebous and Les Hurlements d’Léo are part of the pack... la vie est belle!