People to hear, see and wonder


here's a list of musicians we've played with. (R) indicates that we've recorded together, (L) that we've played live on stage and (M) that they are part of the Metamorphosis project:

Jam List - long list of musicians who have played with 17 Hippies at one time or antother

more artists

here's a list of artists that we have had the privilege of working with:

more people

and then there are those people we've met, and who have inspired us in many ways:

must sees

short list of inspiring artists we strongly recomend to check out!


Over the years quite a few people have been part of 17 Hippies family. This is what some are doing elsewhere:

  • Carsten - our founding brother bass player now hangs out with ?Shmaltz!
  • Conde - see the world with our live sound wizards eyes
  • Daniel - our violinoso, loves the uku, and teaches both
  • Dirk and Danda - are Trageser! With all their own grooves and moves
  • ChristopherDirkFrankKomaJakob & Moe were Pharao T & the Big Block
  • El Schneider (stuff), and Koma (bagpipes) are Die goldene 3
  • Guido - played guitar for a while and then flew the Ballonorkester
  • Henry - when he doesn't play clarinet, lights lights
  • Henryk - our ex merchandiser, now shows tourists through his Swedish mine
  • Jakob - mandolin, and the occasional electric guitar is an Element of Crime
  • Kerstin - our violin and saw player also books shop at Paul & Paula
  • Lüül - our banjo player, has a singer songwritter career as ... Lüül
  • Meduli - played violin, builds instruments, and is now Searchin the Roots
  • Moe - plays bass, zither, guitar; composes, produces ... among others: Kitty Hoff
  • Romain - our drummer ... check out his cool videos
  • Sibylle - manages our publishing, and is into Aufbruch prison theatre
  • Silke - sometimes fiddles with us, but generally is on the Subway to Sally
  • Speedy - long-time bass player special is inseparable from Geschwister Pfister