Covers & Cream

It's always a special honour for us to hear and see how musicians and other artistis are inspired by what we do. Some use our music, some rerecord our songs, and some ... oh come in and take a look!


Here's a list of musicians doing cover versions of our tunes:


And here's a list of artists and others using our recordings in connection with what they do (some have even asked us)

  • Adieu - played by Marc Farre at THE LIVING ROOM in NYC
  • Freilachs - funny little film using old film clips
  • Marlène - rain in Vienna
  • Moving Song - the action hamster!
  • Saragina Rumba - Gaston Torelli and Mariela Sametband dance tango too
  • Saragina Rumba - WOW!!! Odjibox with a great remix version ON ORIGINAL FILM
  • Son Mystère - Berlin well done in black & white
  • Tamtatusch - "Divercity", project by Das Experimentierlabor
  • Paso Doble - Wendy Marlatt at the Zoryanna Summer Hafla in Dublin
  • T-Shirt - "Psychograhie", film by Emile Rabaté. No music ... the shirt!

Hessen or Hell! (Dirk's corner)

When Dirk doesn't work on our graphics, or shop for essentials, or fiddle with his computer, or record solo albums ... he comes up with STUFF!

  • Foo - a balmy game
  • Mad Bad Cat - his very first cartoon
  • Uz - his first ever video