New year - new album!

Yes. Really? Yes!!!

Well, we're still in the studio but we won't be for ever... and then we'll be finished and on the road again. The album will be released in May 2014! We'll then be on tour in Germany by the end of May (check dates HERE)... with more dates coming up this autumn (we'll be publishing everything here and in our newsletter as soon as we know).


17 Hippies - The other side

The Hippie-Haus-Tanz 2013

Hey early birds... don't forget to get up! The concert on December 28th is packed! Tickets for the additional show on December 29th are available now HERE.

Hippie-Haustanz 2013

All original drawings from the TITUS TRÄUMT booklet are now available as postcards and posters in our online shop!

Hurray, our album for children out soon!

17 Hippies für Kinder - Titus-Cover

On the 18th October 2013 our first album for children TITUS TRÄUMT (Titus dreams) will be available in shops throughout Germany! The songs were written to tunes from our repertoire - all from our book 17 HIPPIES für KINDER (17 Hippies for children). A 24 page booklet with colored illustrations and lyrics in German follows our hero Titus through dreamlike stories as he meets ... the sad fro prince, the owl, the snow girl, the piglet that does not want to be pink and many more! HERE is a first impression.

The CD (and t-shirts, buttons, music books, stickers and more) is available in our 17 HIPPIES ONLINE SHOP.

If you are in Berlin on 16th November 2013 - we will present the album with a short concert at Dussmann. And if you can already sing along ... you win! Oh, and we have started to do an English version, so stay tuned for more!

rendezvous 13th of July at the Brandenburg Gate


We play on the 13th of July in the evening at the Brandenburg Gate. If you can not make it there, come to our next Berlin concert, the HIPPIE-HAUS-TANZ on December 28th.

The new 17 Hippies REALBOOKS have arrived!

Our repertoire in a book: easy to play sheet music with melody lines, lyrics and chord symbols. Plus lead-sheets to play along with our albums. Plus QR-codes to listen to streamed versions of us playing the tune on each page.
REALBOOK volume I & II contains 45 songs from our albums ROCK'N'ROLL 13 and WER IST DAS? Reedited and rebound as one book. REALBOOK volume III has 36 songs from the albums HALBE TREPPE and IFNI. Both books have plenty of bonus tunes. New: books for B-flat instruments are available too; books for E-flat, bass and viola will be available on demand.
All books can now be ordered at your local bookstore or online. For more information see 17 HIPPIES ONLINE SHOP.


17 Hippies sing in french

A song with Fredo from "Les Ogres de Barback" singing a duet with Kiki, the adventures with "Les Hurlements d'Léo" as "Hardcore Trobadors" and "Marlène", our little big hit in France... all those stories we share with our neigbours are beautiful, our friendship very much alive, as our love for France has always been. This compilation is a present to everything that has been connecting us these last 15 years. Merci a tous. ("17 Hippies chantent en français" is released in France by Buda Musique. From May 2013 the album will also be available online).

Now out in France - with more to follow!

We’ve recorded an English version of our song "Blumen im Glas" (from our PHANTOM SONG album) for the French movie "Rue Mandar" that hit theaters in France on January 23rd. HERE have a listen to Kiki singing "Flowers in a Glass" that also is on the movie soundtrack.

Cover Rue Mandar

And, what’s more... beginning of April a compilation of songs we've sung in French over the years called "17 HIPPIES chantent en français“ will be released by our French label Buda Musique. For 15 years we’ve now been playing all over France, and to be honest... we really like being your neighbors, friends, lovers and... tourists! And talking about friends: Fredo from the Ogres de Barback, Laulo Kebous and Les Hurlements d’Léo are part of the pack... la vie est belle!