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Soundcheck in München
Sound check at the Prinzregententheater in Munich

After turning the Opera house in Nuremberg, and the posh Prinzregententheater in Munich upside down, we'll continue our petite tour of grand theatres with a concert at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin on June 24th.So if you fell like enjoying a concert of ours while sitting back, and the chandeliers ablaze ... this is your chance! The place is not that big, and tickets are already on sale! Oh, if you get your tickets at the Theatre itself, you can save on the advance booking fee.


Although Antje has torn a ligament, and Dirk is undergoing a meniscus operation, both are up and going for our first concert in 2010. In fact we're all looking forward to play at the Music Hall in Worpswede this Friday. The concert is sold out, and that of course is a good sign, and a motivation boost.

Im Übungsraum - Berlin

We've been working on our website these past weeks. You'll find loads of new pictures from 2009. There's a new SPECIALS page with all kinds of links, and stuff, and bits, and pieces ... we've uploaded the chords for all our songs. You can download them for free. And last, not least we now have our own youtube channel, complete with new videos. So there!

Charlie Gillett obituary

The great Charlie Gillett died on 17th March 2010. His weekly show on BBC World service "The Sound of the World" is legendary. Meeting him last year on "his" stage at Womad 2009 was one of those unforgettable moments. As a critic he has been an invaluable companion - and even a fan of our music. Last Saturday we were part of a BBC Special about Charlie, hosted by Mark Coles on his program "The Strand". Right at the very end , there's a ten minute interview with us playing a special live version of "Son Mystère". It was one of Charlie's favourites. We all miss you! You can hear this radioshow until 4th April on:

Charlie Gillett


Here a quick rundown of 2009!

Last year we were all over the place. We jetted north, south, east and west. And now - aaaaaah! - a moment of contemplation. We let 2009 flash by, as we get ready to crawl out of our hiding places in spring.

The return of the legendary Haus-Tanz!

Another year is coming to a close. We give it all, AND ... are proud to present Elyas Khan from New York City, who will support us in Hamburg and Berlin. Let's rock!

Elyas Kahn
Photo: Bill Phelps

Les Ogres de Barback


Voilà … our French friends ‘Les Ogres de Barback’ have just released a beautifully illustrated book for children. It comes complete with a CD packed with music … and we are part of it! The 16 songs tell of stories that happening to ‘Pitt Ocha’, the books hero … in our songs he learns to dance polka!

Paris - Théâtre de la ville!


… after playing in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amman and St. Lô (thanks everybody for great concerts) we play at the sold out Théâtre de la ville in Paris. We celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall. It's magic!  

Amman - Jordan

Amman - Jordanien
copyright: rr-photography

We were honoured to be invited to play in Amman, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. It was a very special occasion for us, even more so as the concert at the Al Hussein Cultural Center turned out to be “one of those nights!” Thanks to the great audience, and thanks to an inspiring meeting with the Jordanian band Zaman Al Zatar (Sign of Thyme) whom we jammed with. And many thanks to all those who made this special evening happen! … ... and here are the photos!

Live in Jerusalem

17 Hippies + Boom Pam in Jerusalem

17 Hippies + Boom Pam at HaMa’abada in Jerusalem, Nov 5th, 2009
Photos by David Vinocur