The 17 Hippies tech guide

Music Nanny

You're a musician, you've just recorded a great album and you need help to get it released? You want to your own CD manufactured, or that double LP you've always dreamt about?

Get in touch with Music Nanny, a service by our office team (in German for now, but coming up in English soon).

Selbstvermarkter im VUT (in German)

As a band, we run our own label, and manange ourselves ... we are "self marketing". There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of skills to share. We are founding members of the Selbstvermarkter ... we help to organize workshops and share knowhow (in German)

Technical support

Here are people we trust to take good care of our instruments (wherever we are)

Austin - the Austin Violin Shop sells and repairs all acoustic instruments
Badenweiler (near Freiburg) Matthias Wagner builds and repairs ouds and lutes


  • Accordion - Akkordeon Centrum Brusch sell them & repair them
  • Bass - Bernhard Kort, the man (website is down at the moment).
  • Fortepianos - Piano Salon Christophori repair them, and stage concerts
  • Guitars (electric repairs) - Lutz, the Guitar Doc also has his own brand
  • Guitars (electric repairs) - Dominique at Hidden Notes has just started
  • Guitars (general repairs) - Colin at Just Music is very good
  • Guitars (acoustic repairs) - Johannes Reyels also makes coffee
  • Guitars (sales & repairs) - As good as it gets, Berlin Guitars sometimes stage gigs
  • Horn - Trombones, Trumpets, Tubas, der Blechbläser fix and sell
  • Indian Instruments - Tempuras, Sitars, what ever ... check Norbert
  • Microphones - Neumann, after all, they do build good ones
  • Microphones - Andreas Grosser, tube guru
  • Percussion (general) - Pulse Percussion have the lot
  • Saxophones - new, and used instruments, at Saxophone Werkstatt
  • Service - you want an amp fixed? Call Xtended!
  • Strings (miscellaneous) - Meerklang build all kinds off far out stuff
  • Studio - Volker Greve ist an amazing guy, we've recorded here a lot
  • Violin - Geigen Lehmann builds, rents, sells and repairs violins & cellos
  • Violin (& bows) - Matthias is good ... Mail:
  • Woodwind - a little high brow but ... die Holzbläser are the guys

Chicago - the Chicago Music Exchange people did a great job on our bouzouki
Hamburg - the home of the Akkordeon Centrum Brusch accordeon shop
München - again, here's a Akkordeon Centrum Busch shop, and old school Musik Rauscher
WiesbadenHorst Stich builds and repairs violins. Call +49.611.137.73.60