With our tours grinding to a halt, we spent our time creating a breathtaking new album.
For one it’s our tribute to 25 years of 17 Hippies music, full of favorite tunes and grooves, with unexpected turns,
sometimes subtle and sometimes … huge!

But this album is more! Diving headfirst into an ocean of digital possibilities, it’s a multi dimensional and uniquely new experience for your ears!
We explore new dimensions with an album in an app, specially developed for the occasion!

The album will be released later this year. Yes, on an app! And of course the music will also be streamed, and rleleased on good old CD, and LP.

Stay tuned for more news. We’ll keep you posted.




The WDR3 (German public radio) feature „Wir träumen immer noch - 17 Hippies revisited“ (We’re still dreaming):



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