Les Ogres de Barback


Voilà … our French friends ‘Les Ogres de Barback’ have just released a beautifully illustrated book for children. It comes complete with a CD packed with music … and we are part of it! The 16 songs tell of stories that happening to ‘Pitt Ocha’, the books hero … in our songs he learns to dance polka!

Paris - Théâtre de la ville!


… after playing in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amman and St. Lô (thanks everybody for great concerts) we play at the sold out Théâtre de la ville in Paris. We celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall. It's magic!  

Amman - Jordan

Amman - Jordanien
copyright: rr-photography

We were honoured to be invited to play in Amman, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. It was a very special occasion for us, even more so as the concert at the Al Hussein Cultural Center turned out to be “one of those nights!” Thanks to the great audience, and thanks to an inspiring meeting with the Jordanian band Zaman Al Zatar (Sign of Thyme) whom we jammed with. And many thanks to all those who made this special evening happen! … ... and here are the photos!

Live in Jerusalem

17 Hippies + Boom Pam in Jerusalem

17 Hippies + Boom Pam at HaMa’abada in Jerusalem, Nov 5th, 2009
Photos by David Vinocur



Hello Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and hello Amman - we will be back to the Middle-East as soon as possible - and hello to St. Lô and Paris - our sold out concert at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris (photo) was unbelievable! - Thank you all for these magic moments!

Our journey to the Levant

October 31. will see us 17 היפים heading for Israel and Jordan.

We’re looking forward very much to hang out with BOOM PAM in Tel Aviv, where we’ll be working on a couple of songs together. November 5th both bands play in Jerusalem. On the 6th we head back to Tel Aviv for the ILanD-Festival, staging Bands and from Israel and Germany … remember? … last year we all went on stage together in Berlin!

Plakat: iLand in Israel

And on November 9th we السبع عشر (The Hippies, the 17) play in Amman in Jordan, commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall, 20 years ago!


17 Hippies in Jordanien

Now the lights go out…

Lichter aus …

… only until December!

Three cheers for our fantastic audiences! Without you, no 17 Hippies!!!

Now we’ll be off to Belgium, France, Israel and Jordan, but we’ll be back to party at the “Return of the legendary HIPPIE HAUS TANZ” on December 28th in Hamburg, and December 29th & 30th in Berlin. Promise!